Biyernes, Hulyo 7, 2017

Do You Need Rehab, But Don't Want To Do The 12 Steps?

Do you need Rehab, but don't want to do the 12 steps?
Are you looking for help, and don't know where to turn? There are many 12 step programs out there in every city and state that do work for people. However, if you feel that is not the right direction for you, or you tried it and failed, there are other alternative recovery options. There are holistic treatment centers and programs available, that encourage you figure out what your needs are, what seems to work, then they help you with this. Some options are, individual therapy sessions, music and art therapy, yoga, meditation, fitness exercises, along with hiking, motivational interviews, massages, acupuncture, out door, and indoor sports, and more. They also have CBT and DBT Modalities therapy according to your needs. 

All the options mentioned, are geared to get you thinking about a healthier way of living, and keeping your mind from wanting a drink or to use drugs. As always, you are not alone, so don't try to cure yourself alone. It's okay to ask for and need help with recovery. Stop beating yourself up, forgive yourself and start your journey to a new way of life without addiction. Go online, or ask for help from local resources to find a place that offers both the holistic approach, along with the 12-step program, in case you decide to incorporate it in to your recovery. Remember it won't be short and easy. It is a disease, and a long process, but with guts and determination, you can prevail, so don't wait any longer. Seek out a place to go, that is close by, and become a better you. You will be glad you did. Good Luck! Click on non 12 step rehab centers for more details.

Sabado, Hunyo 10, 2017

Non 12 step Rehab Centers

Non 12 step Rehab Centers

Finding the right recovery treatment can be confusing at times, due to the many options out there. However, one thing is certain: each person has their own specific and unique needs. There is no need really in trying to find what helps most people rather than what actually helps you. That is why, if you are looking to beat your addiction or any mental health disorder, perhaps you will benefit from a more holistic approach.

What do you really need
The first thing you want to do is discover your true needs; not those that society or even family impose on you. Do a little bit of soul searching and unveil what truly makes you who you really are. In order to maintain a lifelong recovery, this is essential. Although this doesn't necessarily mean that a 12 step program is not right for you, you could be amazed by the results of alternative therapies.

Alternative Programs
If you know deep in your heart that you are willing to try something new while struggling with your addiction, this may suit you just fine. For instance, have you heard of therapeutic methods? Those consist of holistic treatments, featuring clinical-based groups, therapy sessions, motivational interviewing, and diverse treatment models. Let's say you are an artistic person; if so, try out the Art and Music Therapy.

New Practices
Being introduced to new practices always has its benefits. Be encouraged by how those little things can have a positive outcome in your life. Among some holistic rehab programs, you may find meditation, massage, and accupuncture. It's never too late for learning mindful movement techniques and even yoga. Discover the power of a balanced nutrition as well and start changing your state of mind. For more details click on non 12 step rehab centers.